Stray Animals

Happy Wags And Shiny Eyes Are The Gateway To Paradise !

Feed a human for three years and he forgets you in three days, feed a dog for three days he will love you till his last breath. Dogs are perhaps the only creatures created by the almighty who are devoid of any hatred and all they demand is pure love. It is for the same reason that various animal ngo in Lucknow have volunteered to protect the strays.

Every now and then a stray is run over by a speeding vehicle on road or is denounced by his owner. The animal care ngo in Lucknow stands firm on the belief that these speechless creatures do not deserve this treatment hence they aim to protect, rescue and nurture all such strays. With their vast team of animal lovers, they aim to feed as many strays on a daily basis. They provide free treatment to the injured animals and also take care of their well being.

God Couldn’t Send Angels Everywhere So He Sent Fur Babies!

If you want to experience magic in life, adopt a dog right away. There are many paw friends out on the road, struggling to find a meal while they unknowingly hogg onto something that’s toxic for them. These dogs are left untreated on road and they eventually succumb to death. In order to put an end to miseries of our stray babies you should adopt dog in Lucknow.

Dog adoption in no way mean that you sign up for an inferior dog. Rather, when you decide to adopt a dog, you decide to nurture a life, impart hope into that life. Almost 20000 dogs die on a daily basis either by because of ailments or being run over by a vehicle. Dog adoption in Lucknow is one solution to all such issues.

The Purest Form Of Love Is The One That Comes With Fur And Four Legs!

The number of stray deaths because of harsh weather, lack of shelter, uncontrolled birth and malnourishment has been on a steady rise lately. However, the efforts of numerous ngo for animals in Lucknow aims to paint a beautiful reality . Their constant efforts are directed towards providing healthy and nutritious food to as many strays as possible. They run various animal welfare programmes to get as many stray animals sterilized, maintain their hygiene and also provide them a safe shelter to live in.

The dog ngo in Lucknow comprises of cynophilist from across the city who consider strays as a part of their family. These dogs are looked after by them as their own children. Regular vet visits, vaccinations, sterilization, medications and availability of hygienic food and atmosphere are some of the measure taken by the people associated with NGOs to add years to a dog’s life. As Orhan Pamuk rightly said, “Dogs do speak, but only to those who listen.” Our little acts of safety, carefulness and compassion can actually help strays live a longer better life.