Child Labour

Child Labour – The Strongest Weakest Section Of The Society

“Children are the stars of nation, their education must be the priority of the nation.” India employs about 10.1 million children in child labour. This number could have been three folds but the self less efforts of NGOs for child labour have help it curb it. These NGOs work for the betterment for children aged between 5-14 years who very easily find their way into illegal child labour just for a handful of pennies.

The NGOs working in Lucknow for abolishing child labour have identified poverty, illiteracy and greed to be the prime causes of child labour. The parents of these children consider their kids as an asset that should be put to work to earn extra income. The ngo in Lucknow for education strives to cut the supply of children available for child labour by involving them into active education for free. Children along with their parents are educated regarding the benefits of getting educated and the harmful effects of child labour.

Educate A Child Today For A Better Society Tomorrow!

The article 24 of the Indian Constitution abolishes child labour but the sad reality at hand revels a rather black picture. Kids, particularly of the illiterate section of the society, of age group 5-14 are usually found working at hazardous factories such as beedi rolling, glass factory, brick kilns and commercial sexual harassment activities to name a few. These children are forced to work for a stretch of 16-17 hours for a bare minimum wage. The ngo that support education have time and again proved their competency in elevating these children from the evil crouches of child labour.

Their plan of action involves convincing parents in the initial stage to send their child to school thereby promising them a happy future. Other activities involve convincing business men to not to employ child labour, appointing locals to report instances of child labour around them, spreading awareness regarding child labour laws by means of active promotional activities and many other such activities.

Commit To Ending Child Labour Now!

Child labour is more heinous in the inside than what it looks on the outside. Child labour gives birth to malnourished children, uneducated children who become the youth of the country, depressed children, drug addicts and also paves way for child trafficking. NGOs working for education of children rescue these children from such places and settle them at safe shelter homes. These NGOs are on a constant run to strategies meticulous projects to put an end to this social evil.

However, as it is rightly said any social issue can never be abolished completely until the civic society pledges to do their part. Along with NGOs the common residents need to take conscious efforts to curb children exploitation around them. Your little Conscious efforts of not employing children your households and educating your domestic staff to send their children to school would surely ensure the protection of the childhood of many innocent kids.