Women Empowerment

A Women Empowered Is A Legacy Empowered

Historically speaking, Indian society has always set high standards regarding prejudice against women. Back in history, practices such as sati were prevalent to make living tough for women and in the modern day social oppression, denial of basic human rights, misogynistic patriarchal mindset of people does the task pretty well. During such testing times, the role of ngo working for women rights in India has been beyond commendable.

As Maya Angelou rightly said “ Each time a women stands up for herself, without knowing it possibly, without claiming it, she stands up for all women.” These Ngo for women reach out to the victimized women who have been subject to constant humiliation and hate, by means of their social awareness programmes. The purpose of these programmes is to spread the word regarding rights of women and also to make them aware about the institutions run for their welfare and the path to reach to these places to seek justice.

Empowered Women Empower Women

Stats reveal that maximum cases of women harassment accrue to women of weaker section of the society. Uneducated, unaware and underprivileged women are the ones who need an helping hand the most. Here the role of ngo of women development in India plays a very important role. Their selfless acts of encouraging women have given wings to more than a thousand women, who now are the pioneers of change in the society.

The oppressed women have been oppressed to such an extent that they have lost their self respect and zeal in life. The greater task at hand, for the team members, visiting them regularly is to invoke a sense of pride amongst these women that imparts them the courage to rebel against all odds.

The goal is achieved by narrating instances of shero velour, showing them documentaries and involving in a personal conversation with each women to tackle their issues. The women who have been sexually exploited are rescued by the ngo for women rights in Lucknow and taken to a safe shelter place. There they are taught life enhancing skills that helps them to earn a decent livelihood.

Unleash Your Inner Shero!

As it is rightly said, “Not all heroes wear capes.” The women rights organizations in India have been on a constant run to elevate the exploited women from the evil crouches of the society that forces them to live a life they don’t deserve. Various employment programmes have been put into execution by the NGOs, that primarily focus on getting maximum women employed so that they are independent, and out of the many reasons for bearing humiliation and hate, money is not the one.

As Shirley Chisholm right said “ Tremendous amount of talent are being lost into our society just because the talent wears a skirt”. These NGOs work for the purpose of women empowerment to achieve a dream that no women on this planet sleeps with an empty stomach or tears in her eyes.