Jeev Rakshak


This world would have been a nicer place if everyone had the ability to love as unconditionally as a dog”- M.K. Clinton

The family of IGSS aim to widen the circle of compassion amongst people who see the miseries of the stray animals but never make an effort to acknowledge and eradicate it.



Recent studies have revealed that India has the largest number of strays in the world with the count being at a height of 35million out of which only 15% of them are vaccinated.Stray animals are constantly run over by irresponsible drivers with speeding bikes or cars every minute in India and are left to die unattended on the roads. Out of all the animal accidents that take place in the city on any given day, most of them go unreported . By means of our regular rescue programs we aim to reach out to every stray that has been abandoned, injured or malnourished and bring them to our animal protection centers.

These safe shelter homes have been constructed keeping in mind the need of these strays animals. IGSS makes sure that there is ample supply of high quality and nutritious food for stray animals along with proper play toys, medicines and other requirements of the animals.

An animal’s eyes have the power to deliver great messages. We at IGSS strive to protect all the victimized stray animals by means of our sympathetic effort which include the following-

  • Regulation of animals birth control drive amongst the stray animals has helped us add years to many strays life. As many vets would attest to the fact that an animal goes through numerous birth giving sessions in their life that not only weakens their body but also reduce years from their lives. Therefore, we aim to sterilize maximum stray animals to stop unwanted reproduction.
  • By means of general awareness programmes conducted at youth level, we have invoked a sense of compassion amongst many youngsters that have turned into agents of social change.
  • The team of IGSS is always on the constant hunt for rescuing all strays that have been hurt or are malnourished.
  • Building of shelter homes for the abandoned strays that also serve as adoption centers. We promote adopt, not shop so that maximum strays get to live a privileged life.
  • Our regular healthcare programmes conducted with the help of volunteers and vets have helped us detect and cure health issues amongst animals at a very early stage.
  • Our regular donation and adoption programmes have helped us to reach out to maximum people to adopt the abandoned strays and also donate for other animals.

Acts of animal cruelty against stray animals have been on a constant rise in the past few years. Our relentless efforts in creating a pawsitive environment for our strays has helped us provide a new life to many strays but with the current reality at hand, it’s pretty evident that a beautiful picture is a long way to go.

Various laws have also been formulated in the Indian constitution for the protection and safety of stray animals. The prevention of cruelty to animals act, 1960 comes with a paltry fine of just Rs 50. This makes is pretty evident the importance of strays in India along with the role of government for their protection, thereby highlighting the need of pet ngo in Lucknow. Therefore, we make sure to continuously conduct awareness programmes amongst the masses to spread the word of kindness amongst them to curb cruelty against animals and invoke a sense of responsibility in them.

Irregular and inadequate vaccination of strays not only pose a great threat to the lives of animals but also to human beings. As an ngo in Lucknow for animals, we aim to get each stray vaccinated and sterilized so that out of many reasons of their death, bad health isn’t one.