IGSS’s Privacy Policy

The privacy and cookie policy has been compiled together to give a closure to the concerned people regarding how and where their personal data is being used.

Collection Of Data And It’s Uses

We receive your personal information from you in various ways, which are-

We do not gather personal information until and unless you yourself choose to give it to us.

Use Of Personal Information

IGSS do not records personal data every time an anonymous user surfs the website. Only the time, date and IP address along with the name of the service provider is recorded for the statistic purpose.

The personal information shared with us is used in the following ways –

Security And Protection Of Data

Cookie Policy

Distribution Of Information

We might tend to share, your personal information with government agencies or other companies helping us in fraud detection or investigation. The conditions that might prompt us to share data can be very subjective, few of which might be –

Please note that we do not sell, rent, loan, trade or lease the addresses on our lists to any external party.

External Web Services

Changes To Privacy Policy

IGSS reserves the right to change, modify and the privacy policy, as and when the need arises in relation to the needs of latest technology and trends. We aim to provide each user prior notice regarding such changes.

If you have any queries you can reach out to us at our Email Address - help@igssngo.com