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"There’s no limit to what we, as Women can accomplish”- Michelle Obama.

At IGSS stand firm on the belief that you should give a woman the right shoe and witness her conquer the world. Sadly, the ground reality in many parts of Lucknow city isn’t as appealing as this quote sounds.

Many females in the city, especially the adolescent girls and young women are denied their basic birth right of good health, life in a dignified and safe environment, basic education, employment, dignity and a sense of respect in the society. The root cause of this gender in equality is mass illiteracy, genetic poverty and fickle mindedness of people.

As a Mahila NGO working in Lucknow for the upliftment of women, we have come to a realization, because of the experience of our past years, that there are still thousands of women in the city who are an easy target of their husband’s fury on a daily basis because of their inability to take a stand for themselves, there are many girlchild who are forcefully married at a very young age and thousands of girls are forced into prostitution every day by their own family members. These females have accepted this condition as their life and have given up the courage to fight against all odds which is a shame for our Indian Society.

The role of NGO in Women Empowerment in the past years has been incredible. Female victims of gender abuse feel more comfortable in talking about their condition with stranger female and that’s exactly has helped us to release these women from the evil crunches of patriarchal norms of the society and bring about a significant change in their lives. We have made this change a beautiful reality by means of our tailor made strategies that are executed by means of the following programs –

  • Providing free education to the girl child living in the under developed and backward regions of the city.
  • Conducting regular awareness programmes focused on Women Empowerment, women safety, gender equality that are aimed at propagating the idea of opposing the killing of girl child and denial of basic fundamental right to the girls.
  • Educating the common masses living in the under developed regionsof the city, regarding upliftment of female gender by means of interactive slides, attractive audio visuals narrated by influential people and educative movies .
  • Educating the female gender regarding the laws in the Indian constitution regarding women safety and Women Empowerment so that they evolve into socially aware adults and contribute to the social change.
  • Providing education to the adolescent girl child regarding the changes in their body and educate them how to cope up with the changes. Provide free medical heath care support to all the females and educate them how to maintain good hygiene health.
  • Educating the victimized females to raise their voice against house hold gender based violence by providing them safe means of livelihood and also provide them an atmosphere to learn and new hobbies and talents.

Anything that makes a woman feel inferior and robs her off her self respect is women abuse and we stand strongly against that. At IGSS we work to Empower Women of India by educating them. We aim at providing a safe and secure rehabilitation center for sexually exploited women, who land up at such evils without their will.

The IGSS team aims to destroy the age old mindset of people by regularly engaging in positive conversation with the family members of the victim and oppressed females and invoking sense of gender equality amongst them. According to the recent UNDP human development report, India has dangerously imbalanced sex ratio, the primary reason being rampant infanticide and sex selective abortions.

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